Final countdown: We’ve been working on developing our capstone projects. I’m going to develop a community called Etiquette, a group of intelligent women who are doing cool things with technology and art. We’re going to teach young girls how to do these awesome things. I’m thinking about using the lilypad arduino in some way.

I bought a domain: and am looking forward to see what comes.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on the blog for this independent study I’m in with Kim Knight at UTD. I even created the new top banner logo design y’all. We’re learning a lot about the history of fashion, feminism and technology while we try to relate it all back to new media.

You can see all my posts here which is pretty awesome. I plan on sticking around for a while – the project has a lot of potential, especially with its roots in Dallas.

The linked images are a response to the concept of hyper consumption found in What’s Mine is Yours. I put together ten images following the aesthetic of conceptual artist Barbara Kruger and explored some of the concepts mentioned in the book. Hyper consumption is fascinating to me because so many people close to me play into this way of life and are unwilling to change. They seem to see sharing or other forms of collaborative consumption as a negative act and I don’t get it.

After reading the beginning of What’s Mine is Yours, I’m really interested in the discussion around third party sites acting as a ‘trust moderator’ between people and cultures that are connected by the internet. I compiled quotes from the book that had the word ‘trust’ and tried to create and change the story by promoting dynamic display of colors, sizes and order of the quotes.

Through my search for the word trust within the book, I found there is quite a bit more about this topic in the pages following. For further investigation and in future versions, I’d like to look at how our trust of third party sites aligns with our trust in the photograph and if there can be any projections made about how third party sites will evolve from the cycles of photography that have already occurred.


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