Final countdown: We’ve been working on developing our capstone projects. I’m going to develop a community called Etiquette, a group of intelligent women who are doing cool things with technology and art. We’re going to teach young girls how to do these awesome things. I’m thinking about using the lilypad arduino in some way. I

Fashioning Circuits

I’ve been doing a lot of work on the blog for this independent study I’m in with Kim Knight at UTD. I even created the new top banner logo design y’all. We’re learning a lot about the history of fashion, feminism and technology while we try to relate it all back to new media.

Graduation Photos

I spent the weekend in Houston – mostly at the University of Houston graphic studio with my bff Rachel. We were working, preparing for finals, when we got the idea to do a photoshoot. What better way to procrastinate then by starting another project? Around 1am we began taking pictures – this is what came